Did you convert to Islam with the beautifully simplistic idea of tawhīd, the way of the prophets, and a commitment to the word of God?

But as time has gone on, have you been opted into beliefs and practices that don’t entirely make sense, nor resonate with the outlook that compelled you to convert in the first place?

Do you yearn for an inspiring way to envision your relationship with God and confidently understand what He wants from you?

We want to organise an informal event for converts during the holidays, where we can intelligently discuss issues with a British scholar, and where the discussion is led by questions from attendees. We all have loads of questions that are rarely answered satisfactorily, speaks to our (western) experiences, and is clearly explained through engaging with what God has directly said.


Please note:

  • This event is for converts.
  • Men and women welcome (which shouldn’t have to be said!).
  • Closer to the time, we’ll send you precise details of the venue in Whitechapel.
  • Booking is both to make sure you get a seat and to let us know if people are interested. Please be mindful of others and book only if you can 100% commit to attending. Spaces are limited so you’d be taking up the seat of someone who really wants/needs to be there. It’s also important to note that significant non-attendance will mean organising future events will prove unfeasible. We thank you in advance for being considerate and pray God grant you happiness and contentment.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact: adhnan.ahmed@outlook.com