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Develop your Quranic literacy with a holistic overview of the entire Quran during Ramadan with Sh Mohammed Nizami, providing summaries and thought provoking insights to enable you to meaningfully engage with God and connect the invaluable points He makes.

This is a unique opportunity to make this Ramadan the most productive one you have ever achieved. Alongside the daily readings and substantial recorded seminars to get through, we have live sessions every other day, as well as daily lessons and discussions on our dedicated forum.

A lot of us want to get through the entire Qur’an, but whether it’s distractions or boredom, it rarely happens meaningfully, if at all! So this is that opportunity you might have been looking for – not only to go through the Quran, but to do so in a way that’ll leave you really informed and with something of substance to take beyond Ramadan (as we’re supposed to).

We will have a dedicated message group (Telegram app) where all participants can engage.

Welcome to your online masjid, Ramadan 2022!

How to use the Program
  1. Read the allotted portion (a few times if you can!) and read the breakdown
  2. Watch the video for that portion. The videos are numbered. For example, 2. The Cow.
  3. Join the live seminar.
  4. Stay tuned to the dedicated Telegram forum for updates and Quranic musings (short videos and audio)

Please note:

  • You can read and watch the videos as many times as you want!
  • If you’re busy and you want to binge read and watch a few days material in one go, and then attend the live session a couple of days later, that’s not a problem. Be sure to make notes of your questions so that you remember them later on.
  • Quran Ramadan Sessions on Zoom
  • Sessions are 2 hours, approx 30 mins after Maghrib (GMT)
  • All live sessions are recorded
  • Access to the course continued for 2 months after Ramadan

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