For years I’ve encouraged laymen to read this most enchanting book. Some had simply fallen into acceptable heedlessness and always prioritised other things not getting around to it. They claimed to believe in the Quran but had no idea what it is that they believe because they hadn’t read it.

Many would tell me that they’d read it but not fully understood it. Others who’d been on numerous Quran courses would detail how pedantically they’d broken down the etymology of a word, or the numerous meanings for a phrase, but when I’d ask what the point of the actual verse or passage was I’d get a blank stare. Most would confess that whilst the content of those courses was interesting, they didn’t get much in terms of the bigger picture or that which was deeply action guiding or heart settling.

I asked myself: why do so many sincere people struggle to read it or to get what they’ve read? Then, what I had been taking for granted dawned on me.

These lovely people don’t have any context for the divine message – where it sits in human history and it’s civilisations. They don’t know the events God’s referring to nor their significance. They don’t get why God’s talking to Jews and Christians in a ‘Muslim’ book. They don’t get what God means by the various terms He employs. They don’t get the logic of His ‘signs’. They struggle to keep up with the message’s ebbs and flows. The true religion of God that He speaks of in the Quran is alien because they’re already socialised into thinking about islam in a certain way. And it all holds them back. They’re taught a pre-conceived understanding of what God wants and says, which (mis)shapes their reading, makes it seem disjointed, and lacking coherence. Some understandably give up early on, others struggle their way through – only to end up severely unfulfilled or baffled.

For the majority of Muslims, the Quran quite frankly isn’t compelling or transformative. Most have no idea what God actually says – they believe in the idea of the Quran (as ‘something’ from God) more than taking it as truly functional guidance.It’s not hard to read, it’s actually quite easy. And when you get what God’s actually saying it’s downright addictive – a book you don’t want to put down. You’re in conversation with God. It’s law isn’t restrictive, it’s liberating. It’s ideals aren’t pie-in-the-sky, they’re practical. It’s references aren’t opaque, they’re illuminating. It provokes the deepest and hardest soul searching you’ve ever done. It’s personal discovery. It’s serious therapy. An emotional rollercoaster: you’ll cry, you’ll laugh. Your crushed ego will feel deeply offended. Your chest will feel lightened with the baggage you shed. Your intellect will expand and your logic will strengthen. You’ll feel silly for things you believed or assumed. You’ll know God is alive and close by. You’ll feel mocked (by virtue of your own silliness) and scorned (for nefarious proclivities), but also feel special, loved and protected. You’ll make sense of your life. You WILL be transformed. Most importantly, you’ll learn that it’s not calling you to the religion you’ve taken for granted. It goes far beyond ‘religion’ – it calls you to wholesomeness and something else entirely.

These aren’t big claims, these are literally the testimonials (which I’ll share over the next month) of past attendees. Having personally taken them on this journey has been an absolute honour.

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